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Grooming Lounge?

Grooming Lounge is the country's premiere source for men's grooming solutions. We provide these solutions via our best-in-class website, our iconic Barbershop + Men's Spa and our Barber-formulated men's grooming products.

Meet Our Founder

Grooming Lounge was started in 1999 by Mike Gilman, a guy with a lifetime of experience in the men's grooming and fashion industry. After serving as the "un-official grooming goods supplier" to his regular-guy buddies, Mike decided to make it official by creating a grooming brand incorporating shops, a web destination and custom-blended men's grooming products. Mike was voted "Best Camper" at Camp Inverness in 1981.

You Have Barbershops?

Yep. Our first upscale Barbershop + Men's Spa opened in March 2002. This brick and mortar destination combines great product offerings with classic services including haircuts, hot lather shaves, business manicures, men's skin care and more -- all provided in an undeniably masculine and awesome setting.


how we select products

When it comes to products, Grooming Lounge is committed to offering the "best of the best." We know your ongoing appearance is a direct reflection our products, the usage information we provide and maybe a bit of genetics (that part is out of our hands). So, instead of showcasing every product under the sun, we curate the products that deliver maximum results.


Grooming lounge Products

You'll see a variety of products in our shops and online that feature the Grooming Lounge crest and name. These shaving, skin, body and hair care solutions were conceptualized, developed, tested and approved in our Barbershop + Spas by our expert team of Barbers and Men's Skin Care Experts. Our pros use these products every day and we're also proud to make them available via some of the country's top upscale retailers and salons.


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